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Prewired Raceway

Ready to Install

MonoSystems offers time-saving, prewired raceway configurations for a multitude of applications in aluminum and steel. Each prewired system is factory-cut-to-length, wired, assembled and tested. Systems are designed to meet your project specifications including dimensions, device types, circuiting and labeling.

These are the ultimate in no-fuss raceway solutions. Runs are securely packaged and clearly marked by floor, room and run number for delivery to your job site.

Your project – and life – made easier!

Features and Benefits:

  • Complete range of aluminum & steel raceway solutions
  • All systems are QC tested by our expert engineers
  • Systems are carefully packaged and labeled by specific room, area or floor with complete plans & documentation
  • ALL solutions are UL Listed
  • Leads are individually marked with the panel and circuit number
  • Modular cover plate lengths make future field changes easy
  • Prewired with the type and NEMA configuration that the project requires
  • Available in custom matched paint