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Features & Benefits

  • Innovative, patented design
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate the needs of any installation
    • H-433-S (steel) / H-433-SS (stainless steel) 4″H x 3″W
    • H-233-S (steel) / H-233-SS (stainless steel) 2″H x 3″W
  • Complete line of accessories allows for ease of installation
  • Simple labor and material saving means of separating various wire or cable installations for fire alarms, security video and communications power
  • Fewer parts and pieces required in-field or to maintain inventory
  • Green solution: less material required than most other wire and cable management solutions
  • Separates pathways to prevent crossover
  • Integrated wire clip provides added protection and security
  • Flat bottom helps alleviate pressure points on your cabling
  • Wider bottom compared to other brands helps keep cables from prematurely bending
  • Radiused edges prevent damage to wires and cables while protecting the installer from injury

H-433-S: Cat 5e – 150 | Cat 6 – 100 | Cat 6a – 60 | Cat 7 – 42
H-233-S: Cat 5e- 75 | Cat 6 – 50 | Cat 6a – 30 | Cat 7 – 21

H-433-S = 75 lbs.
H-233-S = 60 lbs.

* The static load for each hook is divided by the number of additional hooks when not using additional hardware during installation.

Introducing the J-Hook Cable Support Extender

Our NEW Cable Support Extender offers a 12″ long support platform, instead of the standard 2″ j-hook support. The longer platform reduces cable strain. And the flat bottom allows cables to spread out rather than bunch, avoiding heat buildup related to PoE.

Plenum rated* | Patented | Free Sample