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MonoSystems is taking the LEED

MonoSystems has made a commitment to encourage and support sustainable buildings. We offer many wire management solutions that contribute to sustainable design and meet or exceed LEED certification.

Our products easily accommodate changes in construction design, making it easier for open space environments, which are friendlier to the environment. Our products are economical in material and cost, which allows for easy moves, adds, and changes.

By virtue of the product application, our raceways preserve existing insulation integrity. Our PowerPoles allow for open space design and far less wall construction limiting material use. Our poke-throughs and in-floor products deliver data and power in open spaces eliminating the need for wall construction and materials. When specifying a product, our Takeoff services like Quote$ considers the least amount of material to produce the most effective solution. This process reduces construction costs and material waste.

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“My company just installed a major lab project which required over 4,000 feet of pre-wired aluminum surface raceway. My team overlooked the vertical feed runs to the benches, and we would have been on the hook for over $25,000 had Niedax MonoSystem’s take-off team not helped us out with its own assessment of the plans.”

- Chief Estimator , Top 50 Electrical Contractor