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Wire Mesh Strut Trapeze System

A Trapeze with the Greatest of Ease

Wire Mesh Strut Trapeze System is simply the easiest, fastest way to hang wire mesh basket tray where a trapeze system is desired. Installers love the time and cost savings when using this system. Available in numerous sizes, lengths and colors.

Features and Benefits:

  • This innovation allows the installer to simply "press and lock" wire mesh basket tray on the fly
  • The fastest way to install wire mesh basket trays where a trapeze is desired
  • Uses strut clips instead of traditional hardware to lock-in mesh to the trapeze struts
  • Attaches to common 3/8" or 1/2'" threaded rods (provided by others)
  • Compliments our full-line MonoMesh Wire Mesh Basket Tray offering

Wire Mesh Basket Tray
Wire Mesh Strut Trapeze System