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Harness the Power of the Sun with the SolarTrak™ Solar Cabling System.

In the current world of solar power, cable management is the last thought. The current practice is to use expensive cable ties that are not very forgiving when a cabling mistake or change needs to be made. With SolarTrak we use an opening mechanism that allows access to your cabling system at all times. This all is done with no penetration in to the horizontal member of the solar support structure. This allows grounding to remain the same as designed by the support structure manufacturer. There is no compromise of the structural integrity of the supporting structure.

Features and Benefits:

  • New SolarTrak provides you with a better solution when compared to expensive, unforgiving cable ties
  • SolarTrak uses a unique latch system that allows easier access to your cabling system at any time
  • There is no penetration to the horizontal member of the solar support structure
  • Zero compromise to the strength and integrity of the supporting structure
  • Available in 2 systems, enclosed or open (please specify your needs when requesting information)