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No Rung Drop-Out

Labor-saving Solution for Ladder Tray Drop-outs

A customer requested a ladder tray drop-out solution that would not require the on-ladder removal of dividers and cables, as this was deemed a safety issue. It should also allow the installer to easily locate the drop-out along with the tray with greater flexibility and without the need to attach to the rungs of the tray. The patented No Rung Drop-Out (NRD) was created to allow the installer to SAFELY and EASILY add a drop out wherever, and whenever necessary.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dividers could now be safely installed while the ladder tray is on the ground
  • Designed in accordance with safety standards 
  • Labor-saving, installs from underneath the tray with 2 screws
  • Can be mounted anytime, anywhere
  • No need to de-energize cabling 
  • Designed for any cable type including heavy-duty
  • Short radius/length allow extra room
  • Keeps cable radius secure and consistent at drop-point
  • Secures to ladder tray from below
  • No rung required to structurally support the drop-out. Can be placed anywhere along the cable tray run.
  • Does not interfere with cable tray contents (cables, dividers, etc.)
  • Can be relocated without disturbing cable tray contents
  • No drilling required
  • For use with cable trays of all widths, 6” (150mm) to 42” (750mm)
  • Material is aluminum
  • Incorporated cable tie slots for management of cabling
  • Patented
  • UL Listed

“Great Idea. Drop-outs were an issue that the lead electricians brought to my attention recently. The fact that you were able to achieve your solution without our electricians having to drill in the field was impressive. Thanks for the innovation. Keep it coming!”


Jerry Wideman, Lead Engineer Global Standards & Value Engineering – General Motors
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