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Moveable Divider for
Ladder Trays

Innovation on the Move...

Born out of necessity and collaboration with an industry engineer partner, the MDS (Moveable Divider Systems) gives you complete flexibility when segmenting pathways. Now you can "grow" your pathways without extensively growing your budget. And you won't have to shut down your facility. No power tools are necessary to install or relocate the MDS. Choose MonoSystems MDS, and eliminate the time and labor associated with "hot zone" shut downs.


Features and Benefits:

  • 100% “Hot Zone” compliant – No power tools needed to install
  • Major cost savings for the facility by avoiding shutdowns related to the use of power tools
  • Reduces metal shavings in Mission Critical Environments
  • Can be relocated within the cable tray at any time without need for power tools or drilling

Aluminum Ladder Trays or Steel Ladder Trays
Moveable Divider for Ladder Trays