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Channel Tray Cover Clip

Provides Cost-Effective Access, Safety and Protection from the Elements

Our Channel Tray Cover Clips were designed to easily and safely access non-ventilated and ventilated Channel Tray bottoms. Channel Tray Clips simply snap around the cover and the tray bottom. If there’s an additional need to hold down the cover, for example wind, we make it easy to use plastic ties to hold the clips.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed initially for the Petrochemical industry, this clip safely allows for easy access and labor savings for adds and/or access to existing cables
  • Pre-sprung clips snap around the cover (or can be factory-installed to the cover) and “clicks” to the underside of the tray
  • No sharp edges, prevents employees and subcontractors from getting injured
  • Easy access to channels provides labor savings on new and future installations
  • Fabricated with punch-holes, can be installed using metallic or non-metallic tie-straps in high-wind areas