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The No-Drama Zone – Mesh Tray Applications
January 15, 2011

There may be some changes in the area of mesh tray applications. Introduced in the 1970’s, mesh trays seemed to be the new standard, especially in voice and data. Its easy installation made the mesh basket popular. But due to code-compliance issues, what makes the product popular (cutting and bending in the field) may soon make mesh less popular.There may be an industry wide demand for manufacturers to make fittings to meet code. A recent article in IAEI NEWSMay/June 2010 states that The modification of basket tray, in accordance with instructions from some manufacturers presents a safety issue which should not be overlooked by the AHJ.

MonoSystems openly tries to advise engineers and contractors to use the “correct” tray type for each application. But many engineers and contractors applied the mesh tray for applications beyond the qualities of mesh tray like very wide dimensions or too heavy carrying loads.

MonoSystems fabricates all types of trays.  But for many reasons, Mono-Tray is the best solution for most applications (material cost, installation savings, and design features. Will the industry stop using mesh? No one knows for sure. But designers should know the options in terms of centre hung and ladder tray when laying out a system.

If there’s too much drama related to mesh tray installations, MonoSystems has a suitable (or even better) alternative that engineers and contractors need to consider.