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Electrical Contractors and Engineers can now enjoy our world-class products and pro-active, stress relieving services – at the best possible price. And all it will take is a simply phone call or email.

Electrical Contractors and Engineers may now take advantage of the following valuable services with no additional charges:

Quotations without "middle-man" drama

Our goal is to have your quote at least 5 days prior to the bid date to ensure that you have ample time to finalize lighting and switchgear. MonoSystems strives for greater clarity in negotiations (like line-item quotations), order processing and delivery concerns. We also provide budgetary quoting to help you estimate project costs.

Take-off services

Now there’s a painless way to design your project, economically and efficiently with less waste in material and delivery. Let us do the work for you. MonoSystems will stand behind our take-off and guarantee it for accuracy. Our aim is to relieve Electrical Contractors of the obligation (and cost) associated with doing the take-offs on their own. MonoSystems can additionally provide counts to serve as a check and balance against their own take-offs.

Design-build assistance

For the electrical contractor, MonoSystems offers unique services that will allow us to work closely with the engineer. We will smooth over submittal, specification, or code issues. We will support any or all collaboration between engineer and contractor, so you can focus on other business needs. And we’ll work closely with you to determine shipping schedules to meet honest, on-site installation needs.

Additionally, since architects are driving many of today’s build-outs, they are now requiring that engineers and contractors use BIM to design. MonoSystems is the first and only, company to offer Revit Objects for their entire catalog of products. Revits save time in the design phase, can help identify spatial conflict errors and will save significant time and money during construction.

Application and technical services

With nearly 50-years of experience, our services team has the ability to support you with years of expertise. For example, our Internal Service Reps can review your project and provide you with “value engineered” alternative products for consideration.  These solutions will meet the application needs, but perhaps save the contractor in terms of materials costs, delivery and installation time.

MonoSystems stands ready to receive; bid lists, FTP Site Info (for plan review) and Request for Quotes for your present and upcoming projects. 


Call 888-764-7681 to speak with one of our Customer Service Managers or contact us.

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