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MonoSystems New Patent-Pending Multi-Compartment PVC Raceway Offers Aesthetics and Functionality


January 1, 2011


Developed in direct response to the engineering community to meet their design challenges, the AdvanceWay™ from MonoSystems, Inc. surface raceway that uniquely and attractively satisfies the specified bends and depths of all cable and connectivity types (including Cat 6a) in a system that is less than 50% the size of alternative products.  “The unique design of AdvanceWay comes out of years of listening to what electrical engineers and contractors need in the field to solve the basic problem of installing power and data within the same raceway that is incredibly attractive and functional as well”, said Jordan Handler, President of MonoSystems, Inc. The company is seeking patent protection for AdvanceWay.

“AdvanceWay is a cutting edge PVC raceway that will match today’s cutting edge wire and cable requirements”, said Mr. Handler. AdvanceWay will be used for branch circuit wiring and/or data, voice, video, and other low-voltage wiring. “AdvanceWay is incredibly easy to install and provides universal acceptance of devices from all manufacturers”, continued Mr Handler. AdvanceWay was designed for easy installation – 30% faster than conventional systems, the company stated.  AdvanceWay will save thousands of dollars in man-hours and materials. Because AdvanceWay shares data and power, there is less material use making the product a green and intelligent pathway solution. The innovative product was designed for easy moves, adds and changes, making it very practical for a multitude of aesthetic surface raceway applications.

About MonoSystems

For over forty-years, MonoSystems has offered a complete line of wire management products for electrical contractors and engineers – surface raceways, cable trays, poke-throughs, floor and wall duct, and more. The products are utilized in a variety of applications that include: schools & universities; research facilities; laboratories; hospitals; retail and casinos. Many of their products are patented or under patent approval. For more information, please contact Jordan Handler at 1-888-764-7681 or via email at


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