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The Hook
The World's Only Zero-Hardware, Infinitely Linkable J-Hook System

Faster to Install. Easier to Handle. Simply a better j-hook.

Unlike j-hooks that require additional brackets to create tiered channels, The Hook features a patented, ground-breaking design that simplifies the add-on process. It's the only j-hook that can infinitely link together without the need for additional hardware or time-consuming labor, creating a secure, tiered cable support system for easily segregating cabling media in separate pathways to prevent crossover.

  • Innovative, patented design
  • Available in 2 sizes to accommodate the needs of any installation
    • H-433-S (steel) / H-433-SS (stainless steel) 4"H x 3"W
    • H-233-S (steel) / H-233-SS (stainless steel) 2"H x 3"W
  • Complete line of accessories allow for ease of installation
  • Simple labor and material saving means of separating various wire or cable installations such as fire, security, video, communications, power
  • Fewer parts and pieces required in-field or to maintain inventory
  • Green solution: less material required than most other wire & cable management solutions
  • Separates pathways to prevent crossover
  • Integrated wire clip provides added protection and security
  • Flat bottom helps alleviate pressure points on your cabling
  • Wider bottom compared to other brands helps keep cables from prematurely bending
  • Radiused edges prevent damage to wires and cables while protecting the installer from injury

H-433-S: Cat 5e – 150 | Cat 6 – 100 | Cat 6a – 60 | Cat 7 – 42
H-233-S: Cat 5e- 75 | Cat 6 – 50 | Cat 6a – 30 | Cat 7 – 21

H433-S = 100lbs.
H-233-S = 60lbs.

* The static load for each hook is divided by the number of additional hooks when not using additional hardware during installation. Example: For H-433-S, 4 hooks would have a maximum load of 25lbs each.



Performance Specification:
Proprietary Specification:

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Free Sample

Free Sample


Catalog Num. Description Per Unit Qty./Pack Price Qty.
H-433-S The Hook, 4”H X 3”W, Steel $2.77 ea. 10 $27.70
H-233-S The Hook, 2”H X 3”W, Steel $1.55 ea. 10 $15.50


H-433-BC The Hook, Beam Clamp $1.60 ea. 10 $16.00
H-433-CB-BL The Hook, Color Band - Blue $0.46 ea. 100 $46.00
H-433-CB-GR The Hook, Color Band - Green $0.46 ea. 100 $46.00
H-433-CB-RD The Hook, Color Band - Red $0.46 ea. 100 $46.00
H-433-CB-WH The Hook, Color Band - White $0.46 ea. 100 $46.00
H-433-CB-YE The Hook, Color Band - Yellow $0.46 ea. 100 $46.00
H-433-H The Hook, Center Hanger Bracket $3.15 ea. 10 $31.50

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No Curve, No Pressure.

The curved shape of the j-hook forces
unnecessary pressure on those cables that are
towards the bottom center of the j-hook. This
could negatively impact overall network performance.

Due to their round shape, cables
naturally nestle in between adjacent cables
and pressure is evenly dispersed
throughout the j-hook.

No Curve, No Pinching.

The peak of the curve pinches
the cables applying uneven weight
distribution. Again, this could negatively
impact overall network performance.

The wider, flatter base provides
even weight distribution and also helps
prevent cables sagging. The rounded
edges allow for safer cable support.

No Curve, No Trouble.

Find out why the world's first patented, infinitely linkable
j-hook won't throw you for a curve.
Order your Free Sample Kit of The Hook today!