Introducing AdvanceWay
Now you can intelligently balance architectural aesthetics with the needs of today's and tomorrow's high-performance power and data.

Advancing the way Power and Data are
delivered together today – and tomorrow

Most, if not all of the surface raceway solutions that are currently specified originated in the 1940’s. But new advancements in network cabling – including wires, cables and connectors – are calling for change. Today, the new TIA 569-C standard states that these earlier “solutions” are no longer viable for architects, designers, engineers and contractors... essentially all who are affected by pathway solutions.  

AdvanceWay allows for more efficient use of
“shared real estate” in the pathway.

By turning raceway on its side, AdvanceWay's top-loading access to vertically divided channels allows wire and cables to be laid directly into the power and data compartments without the need for wiring clips. AdvanceWay's universal device boxes accommodate standard faceplates and devices from all manufacturers, eliminating conflicts with proprietary technologies. These boxes offer maximum flexibility – they can be installed above or below the raceway, and may easily be relocated anywhere along the channel if your needs change. 

• Achieves a lower installation cost per foot
• Meets future needs with flexible device mounting options & easy device re-location
• Ensures universal acceptance of devices from all manufacturers

AdvanceWay 2-Channel Surface Raceway

New standards require that surface raceways and their components meet all manufacturers wire, cable and connector specifications. AdvanceWay is the only raceway to meet and exceed these new standards.